Pneumatic Ball Vibrators

Features & Options

Sinex ball vibrators are essentially ingenious inversion of well known "Peristaltic" pump. Here fluid drives a rotor, compressed air spinning a ball at high speed, which produces "Centrifugal Force", a rotating vector, to impart vibrations to the object on which vibrator is mounted.

Key Features:

a) European Quality – Indian Pricing. Issues Per Thousand Units Pneumatic Vibrators (IPTU) <1

  • “Sinex” ball vibrators are known for their quality. Ball is made of specially hardened steel which runs over specially hardened rails.
  • Continuous improvements in manufacturing efficiency and productivity results in manufacturing at minimal cost thereby making “Sinex” vibrators most economical for its class of quality.

b) Silent compared to competitors

c) Cost effective, maintenance free & long life

  • Small, compact and light weight for ease of handling & installation.
  • Unaffected by splashing water, dusty surroundings and environments of certain chemicals
  • Suitable for steamy and warm surroundings up to 90 C temperature
  • Facilitates fingertip control of vibration frequency & amplitude - a feature of great value to work close to resonance condition for best results at minimal power consumption

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