Pneumatic Cushioned Vibrators

Features & Options

"Sinex" Piston Vibrators have been developed for all applications requiring "Linear Pulsating Force". They can be used for promoting material flow from small hoppers, down feed pipes & chutes and as prime movers for screens, feeders compaction and testing table etc. Sinex manufactures these vibrators in both impact type and air cushioned type (silent-non contact)

Sinex Air Vibrators is essentially a Pneumatic Piston Oscillator.

Air cushioned Vibrators are cushioned by air at both the sides. There is no impact between the piston and the wall of the vibratory equipment, and hence these vibrators are very silent. Vibratory forces are mainly due to acceleration and deceleration inertial forces of the piston.

Key Features:

a) European Quality – Indian Pricing.

  • Issues per thousand Units Pneumatic Vibrators (IPTU) <1. Sinex Piston Vibrators are built from high quality cast iron and bores machined to fine accurary for friction less movement of piston.
    • b) Cost effective, maintenance free & long life.

      • Sinex Piston vibrators do not require any lubrication, are virtually maintenance free and continuous improvement in manufacturing process has resulted in cost effective products making it mos economical for its class of quality.
      • Unaffected by dust, dirt, moisture and even splashing water.
      • Self cooling - suitable even for hot ambient.

      c) Self starting in any position and totally flame proof - ideal for fire hazard areas.

      d) Finger tip control on frequency and amplitude - even while running and in stepless manner.

      e) In house analysis tools for best vibration at minimum air consumption.

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