Manufacturer of Unbalanced Weight Motor Vibrators, Pneumatic Ball Vibrators, Pneumatic Piston Vibrators, Pneumatic Impact Vibrators, Pneumatic Cushioned Vibrators in India.

Sinex Primemovers manufactures wide range of Unbalance Weight Vibration Motors, Pneumatic Ball Vibrators and Pneumatic Piston Vibrators (Impact & Air cushioned) of unmatched features & quality.

It has always been our priority to manufacture products that are high on quality and require minimum maintenance. Our products are the outcome of totally indigenous development efforts and continuous improvements in vibratory motors and pneumatic vibrators. Sinex Primemover has, over the years, established itself as vibration technology specialist in India.

Sinex Primemovers is proud of its highly skilled manufacturing staff and our high calibre technical team, one of the best in India, comprising of experienced engineers with indepth understanding of vibration machinery used in bulk material handling in various industry verticals. We help provide complete solutions for your bulk material handling needs. Continuous manufacturing quality and productivity improvements for over 25 years, using CNC machines has resulted in making “Sinex” vibrators most economical for its class of quality.

Our products design and manufacturing quality is on par with top international brands and we also offer competitive pricing, short delivery and zero-hassle, timely after sales/service. Sinex Unbalance Weight Vibrator Motors are Powerful, Efficient, Maintenance Free and Yet Cost Effective.

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