Unbalanced Weight Motor Vibrators

Selection and Usage of Vibrating Motors :

Importance of vibrator selection need not be over emphasized. However good a range of vibrators available may be, unless a right model is chosen and applied correctly, no good and efficient results can be obtained. Therefore we, Sinex Prime movers present below at your, our valued customers' disposal, all the data, information and experience gathered during our over two decades long working on this subject.

Industrial uses of vibratory motors could be categorized into two types based on amplitudes involved

  • Tremors - micron level vibrations used in silo and bin discharge vibration equipment and promoting material flow down chutes, ducts etc
  • Large oscillations - Amplitude of several millimetres used in vibratory equipment such as vibratory feeders,vibratory conveyors, spiral elevators, vibratory screens, vibratory tables etc.

Vibrator Selection for Bin, Hopper & Silo Discharge Application.

Years of experience and data collection have shown that force applied to bin walls should be 10 to 20% of material weight in the lower convergent part for satisfactory activation, de choking and discharge.

Taking into consideration the above in conjunction with bin sizes & wall thickness recommendations are tabulated at Table-2 to facility easy selection. Since tremors are at high frequencies it is appropriate to use 3000 rpm vibrators hence recommended force values correspond to this speed.

The above assumes material bulk density of 800 Kg s / cu.mt., bin walls not heavily stiffened and discharge openings not too small, which as a rule should be largest practically feasible. Forces may be varied in direct proportion to densities and in cubic to wall thickness.

Location of vibrators on storage vessel is very important from the view point of obtaining reliable discharge with minimum detrimental effect of brute force on the bin structure. Recommendations in this regards based on experience are shown in Figure

Unbalanced Weight Motor Vibrators

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