• Dislodging materials sticking & clinging to walls of storage containers, cyclone separators, bag house hoppers.
  • Aiding gravity for flow down the bins, hoppers, ducts, chutes, feed pipes.
  • Promoting material discharge from tote bins, bulk tankers, bottom discharge rail cars etc.
  • Clearing clogged pneumatic conveying lines.
  • Imparting vibrations to moulds & containers for material compaction, densification and settling and help reduce packaging cost.
  • As pneumatic hammers for making or breaking assemblies.
  • Unlocking bottles, cans, caps and similar objects on or in their vibrating conveyors, tracks and vibrating feed cages;
  • Vibrating funnels to hasten material transfer in to narrow necked pharma & cosmetic containers;
  • Driving small screens for separation & grading and vibratory test & material settling / densification tables;

In fact it can be used in all applications where traditional mallets are used

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